BIF on Track – Trackday in Mugello with Fredy Barth

BIF on Track – Trackday in Mugello with Fredy Barth

Two days in Tuscany, wonderful pasta and good wines. One of the most beautiful racetracks and of course a Porsche 911 GT3RS 

The place to be!

A look at the WetterApp announces some rain on the second day. But we do not let ourselves be disturbed.

The expectations were exceeded!

Pasta: Overwhelming and even homemade
Wine: Eccellente
Track: Mugello is one of the most beautiful racetracks
911: There is no better car
Weather: Tuscan sunshine on the first day, some rain in the afternoon of the second day

And now the completely unexpected:

On the first day we had the opportunity to experience and enjoy several taxi rides in a Porsche Cup racing car, the absolute performance of this sportscar.

But it gets even better! 35 minutes of free driving with a Cayman GT4 Clubsport. Just lovely.

These two days in Mugello are well remembered. A nice end to a great year and a lot of anticipation for the upcoming season!

By the way:
The BIF sticker caused a stir. I can well imagine that this is to be found in the new season on more Porsches!
Source: René Staud