“Crazy about Porsche”

“Crazy about Porsche”

“Crazy about Porsche” – from Community Platform to Bookazine

One year ago, Michael Koeckritz, car magazine ramp’s founder, chief editor and creative director, went online with “Crazy about Porsche”. A young community platform, curated by Koeckritz and his rampstyle editorial team, featuring the best stories and photos out of the Porsche world with a wider view on the bigger picture, where Porsche as a brand is experienced relevantly as well as inspiring. In the context of people, events, sports, culture, fashion, architecture and design Porsche becomes an attitude towards live.

After the first successful year, the best stories and photos have been compiled into a printed coffee table bookazine, an exceptional 448 pages mix of book and magazine. Large format, photo heavy with high value look and finish, bound in four different covers. More art than automotive book. An unconventional, creative, wild re-mix, which fits perfectly into the timeless rebellious attitude of the brand and attracts not only Porsche’s hardcore fans.

Koeckritz, an avid and long-time Porsche driver himself, says: “At the moment, Porsche is one of the most exciting and attractive brands of the modern luxury and lifestyle world. Porsche stands for an authentic attitude towards live.”

Collector’s Edition “Crazy about Porsche”, 448 pages, ca. 2 kilograms, format 230×300 millimetres, 4 different covers, limited edition of 2,000, published by ramp.space, Reutlingen

Price: € 50,00 excl. VAT and shipping     

ISBN 978-3-948046-10-1

Order address: info@ramp.space

Source: René Staud