Discover the world’s most spectacular routes together

Discover the world’s most spectacular routes together

With ROADS, Porsche offers a free app for everyone who loves driving. The community brings together passionate drivers from all over the world and helps them to discover and share beautiful landscapes, exciting bends and the most breathtaking roads around the globe.

So where will 2020 take us? Over Alpine passes and along twisting roads to Switzerland? On the freeway to the Californian coast? Or on previously undiscovered routes right on our doorstep? No matter how spectacular the trip, all drivers can find exciting routes for the new year in the free ROADS app – or share their personal favourites with the whole world with just a click.

ROADS is all about passion for driving. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you drive a Porsche. Community members, of whom there are now more than 100,000, are linked by a passion for driving in all its forms, as well as the desire to find the perfect route through scenic landscapes and past unique landmarks. The app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and supports Apple CarPlay.

Launching the app for Android is also planned for the future. New functions will be added all the time as part of regular free updates. Feedback from users is at the heart of product development. So every community member is encouraged to actively contribute ideas for further development of ROADS.

“Road trips are the ultimate form of travel”

Last year, the app inspired well-known travel blogger Sebastian Canaves to drive a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS along the Wild Atlantic Way through the north-western part of Ireland. ROADS guided him on a 270-kilometre route through vibrant towns and small villages, along the 600 metre-high sea cliffs of Slieve League and over twisting passes through the wild and rugged Irish countryside.

Using the ROADS recording function, Canaves shared this route with the community, as well as a trip along the Baltic Sea coast and a route across the Black Forest from Baden-Baden to Munich. All users can also drive and rate these routes thanks to the integrated turn-by-turn navigation. Anyone who follows Sebastian Canaves on ROADS is also reliably informed when he posts new routes.

“Doing a journey like this by car gives you a very special feeling: the absolute freedom to drive wherever the road takes you,” says Canaves. “With ROADS, I can share this passion with other people who love driving and make my contribution to the world’s largest collection of epic routes.” Sebastian Canaves has exploring in his DNA. He’s been publishing his “Off the Path” blog since 2011 and regularly shares travel recommendations with his worldwide fan community.

The largest collection of scenic routes

Not only does the free ROADS app offer suggested routes in far-off countries, it also includes suggestions right on your doorstep if you feel like a Sunday drive, for example. The collection already includes more than 2,000 routes produced by passionate drivers all over the world. All users can contribute to the route collection, which is growing daily, by recording their trips with the app and then sharing them with the community. The aim over the next few years is to create the largest user-generated collection of exciting routes.

The app also gives community members access to an exclusive magazine containing more information about places and sights along the routes, providing interesting inspiration for the next trip.

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Source: René Staud