Father and Son track experiences

Father and Son track experiences

The thrill of being on the track with a 2RS is amazing by itself. But when when you can share the experience with some one else it is even better. And when it is your son its the best !

In our family we have two boys of 9 and 11 years old (yes coincidence). During one of the holidays earlier this year we were lucky to enjoy a dry day on the Zandvoort F1GP track. The early morning damp was still there which made the laps even more fun as we got a better feel for going ‘slideways’ rather than sideways around the track

“Can’t you go faster dad ?” I heard from the passenger bucket seat multiple times. And before any sentiments changed, the performance went up and the laptimes came down.

An amazing hour together purely enjoying the handling of the car, the G-forces tucking us in our carbon seats, the sound of the engine playing music to our ears and non stop accellerations. It was a shared sensation and wonderful opportunity to have a great parent-child conversation afterwards.

Therefore I can highly recommend any mom or dad to go out there and drive with their respective son(s) or daughter(s).

Now I just got to find myself a way how to bring both of the boys together in the car,….”I know dad, why don’t you stay in the pitlane and we will go out on the track just by ourselves!”


Source: René Staud