GT Meetup Norway

GT Meetup Norway

In June 2022 our member  Bjørn Werner Larsen arranged a GT Meetup in Norway.


Bjorn’s description makes us very keen to participate:

“The meet found place in the lovely Hardanger, where the fjords and the mountains are at its finest. This place in Norway is well known for locally brewing apple cider. Along the many roads here you’ll see the apple farms and other tree grown fruits and berries.

I choose the location for this event carefully. My goal was to give the attendees a great time and a relaxes environment. I arranged the rooms according to model year, and the owner had the hotel room behind the car. So you can see the cars from the bed. The weather was not on our side that weekend, but we can still talk and drink beer even if it’s raining.

In 2023 I want to repeat the meet and I hope to get more people to attend. I have set a limit to 14 places, but I might extend it if the interest is enough. There can also be arranged two meets.

The date for 2023 is 27th to 29th May and the destination is Hardangerfjord Hotel (https://hardangerfjord-hotel.no/en/) The Saturday will be meet and greet. People will arrive at different times during the day, so there is nothing planned for this day. There is a local pizza place withing walking distance which sell great food. The restaurant at the hotel is also open. You will receive a room and the car can be parked just outside the room (only 15 possible places for this).

Sunday is driveout day. We’ll start not too early with a quick briefing before the drive. The route planned is approx 250km long with a lunch stop about half way out. We’ll then return to the hotel in good time before dinner. We’ll enjoy a two course meal at the hotel. Sunday is farewell and safe trip home.

The prices is not settled yet since I’m still in dialogue with the hotel manager regarding food and beverages.

For 1 car with two persons the price will be in the area of €620-650. That includes two nights stay, breakfast, dinner with two beverages for two persons in one double room.

If there is any questions regarding travel to Norway or anything I’m more than happy to help. If there is a lot of interest it´s possible for me to arrange this more than once.

Best regards,


Do you want to participate at this event? Send an email to sales@nascherei.no or contact Bjorn on WhatsApp +4799790899


Source: René Staud