Porsche Racing Experience – Start your own mission.

Porsche Racing Experience – Start your own mission.

Prove your talent and start your own mission – with the Porsche Racing Experience. We will take you straight to pole position on the way to your very own career as a racing driver by giving you professional training and uncompromising support – perfectly tailored to your needs – with three levels that build on one another.

The project:

3 Milestones – 1 Mission.

The first step is right in front of you: apply to take Level 1 and gear up for your first racing season by obtaining the international D licence. On Level 2 you will make your national racing debut – for example, in the Porsche Sports Cup or the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. On Level 3 we offer you all the support and advice you need to make a name for yourself in national or international racing series, such as the Porsche Carrera Cup or the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.

Take your seat and hit the track.

mprehensive and intensive training course will give you all the theory and practice you need to master the basic principles required for your first racing season. The programme is made up of a wide range of modules – taught both on- and off-track – to give you the best possible preparation for all the demands associated with being a racing driver. Supported by data and video analysis to prepare you at best for a diverse range of racing situations and the obtaining of your international D licence.

01 Intro

Register for one of the limited Level 1 spots on the course to start your own mission with the Porsche Racing Experience. Build up the solid groundwork for your Porsche racing career during our five-day Level 1 training and face a simulation of a race weekend. Those prepared to step up to this challenge should possess advanced driving skills, along with increased mental and physical fitness.

02 Roll Out

The first item on the roll-out agenda is getting to know the car & the track. Start out with the track walk and receiving the first instructions behind the wheel. Additionally, you’ll receive an introductory course and car control practice in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Simulator. All under the supervision of a Porsche DMSB certified instructor for each participant group of two. Ask for helpful advice from Porsche representatives like Mark Webber and Porsche Junior Coach Sascha Maassen. Throughout the entire course, a mental coach, a sports physician and physical therapist are available.

03 Practice

During the practice phase, you’ll be faced with the challenge of free driving with or without instructor, depending on your preferences and abilities. As you proceed, you’ll undergo a stress ECG, along with a fitness check. These are followed up by more training simulator rounds to prepare you for real driving situations. You will also receive an introduction to the vehicle’s technology, chassis details and wheels. It all cumulates in your first free training session on the track. Together with your personal instructor and the Porsche junior coach, you’ll set your goals for the coming course days.

04 Qualifying

Step-by-step we will emulate a genuine racing weekend. The qualification phase reproduces a realistic qualifying including free training and advanced data analysis. Always supervised and optimally supported by your instructor. Mental training and licencing preparation intensify the phase, in which we guide you toward genuine racing situations through heightened realism.

05 Race

The practical sessions culminate in an authentic racing simulation with free training, qualifying and training challenging racing situations, such as Safety Car, behaviour and reaction during a yellow or blue flag, termination of the race etc. Elements of endurance and sprint races, along with various starting situations will be trained.

06 Ceremony

Achieving personal goals on the way to a racing career has top priority during the Porsche Racing Experience, making everybody a winner. The intense feedback offers a review of your athletic development and together, we will define the following steps. Nothing can stop you from acquiring the international D licence after successfully passing the final tests. The awarding of the Porsche Racing Experience certificates adds the finishing touches, bringing the day to a close with a befitting festive award ceremony for all participants.

Are you prepared to start your own racing career mission?

Porsche Racing Experience – Level 1 Event:

In autumn 2019, the Porsche Racing Experience will gear up for a six-day Level 1 in-depth training in the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

Level 1: Portimão, Portugal: 22–27 November 2019

Training Vehicles: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Gen II, incl. full technical support (fuel, tyres, consumables)

Four active days driving on the racetrack

Individual support provided by DMSB- and Porsche-certified instructors with motor sport experience.

Theory-based and licence lessons

Data analysis, fitness assessment, mental coaching, physiotherapy

Driver’s full equipment, incl. helmet, HANS®, racing suit, Nomex clothing etc.

Max. 16 course participants

Professional follow-up: individual evaluation of the driver’s profile

Course culminates in the awarding of the international D licence

Daily meals and dinner

Price per participant: EUR 49.911,- net

Registration for the Porsche Racing Experience – Level 1 Event


Source: René Staud