1. An overview of data protection

1.1 General information

The following information will provide you with an easy to navigate overview of what will happen with your personal data when you use our App. The term “personal data” comprises all data that can be used to personally identify you. For detailed information about the subject matter of data protection, please consult our Data Protection Declaration, which we have included beneath this copy.

1.2 Data Processing

Who is the responsible party for the recording of data on this website (i.e. the “controller”)?

The data in this App is processed by the operator of the App, whose contact information is available under section “Information Required by Law” on this website.

How do we record your data?

We collect your data as a result of your sharing of your data with us. This may, for instance be information you enter into our contact form.
Our IT systems automatically record other data when you use our App. This data comprises primarily technical information (e.g. IP Address or time the App was accessed). This information is recorded automatically when you access our website.
On the other hand, data processed by the app due to access authorizations on your device are processed, if you have given them active.
You can also create a user account yourself and join the community features of the app.

What are the purposes we use your data for?

The data is collected to ensure error-free delivery of the content of the app and to operate, maintain and improve the associated online platform and the app. Another purpose of the data collection is to improve the user experience, the offer, the content and the functionalities.
The collection of personal data by this app only takes place if we are legally entitled to do so or if you have expressly consented to the data collection in question.

What rights do you have as far as your information is concerned?

You have the right to receive information about the source, recipients and purposes of your archived personal data at any time without having to pay a fee for such disclosures. You also have the right to demand that your data are rectified, blocked or eradicated. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time under the address disclosed in section “Imprint” if you have questions about this or any other data protection related issues. You also have the right to log a complaint with the competent supervising agency.
Moreover, under certain circumstances, you have the right to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data. For details, please consult the Data Protection Declaration under section “Right to Restriction of Data Processing.”

1.3 Analysis tools and tools provided by third parties

When using the app, your usage behavior can be statistically evaluated. This happens with so-called analysis programs. The analysis of your usage behavior is usually anonymous. For more information, see Analysis Tools.

2. Responsible for data processing

Information about the responsible party (referred to as the “controller” in the GDPR)

The data processing controller on this website is:
Schloss Schnait GmbH
Silcherstr. 10
D-71384 Weinstadt
Tel.: (+49) 07151 20524-0
E-Mail: mail@schloss-schnait.com
The controller is the natural person or legal entity that single-handedly or jointly with others makes decisions as to the purposes of and resources for the processing of personal data (e.g. names, e-mail, addresses, etc.).

3. General information and mandatory information

3.1 Data protection

The operators of this website and its pages take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Hence, we handle your personal data as confidential information and in compliance with the statutory data protection regulations and this Data Protection Declaration.
Whenever you use this website, a variety of personal information will be collected. Personal data comprises data that can be used to personally identify you. This Data Protection Declaration explains which data we collect as well as the purposes we use this data for. It also explains how, and for which purpose the information is collected.
We herewith advise you that the transmission of data via the Internet (i.e. through e-mail communications) may be prone to security gaps. It is not possible to completely protect data against third party access.

3.2 Consent to data processing and revocation

If you have given your consent for specific purposes, the purposes are based on the respective contents of this consent. Data processing is based on Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR. In cases where you need to provide data for this, we explicitly point out. Without the provision, we could not comply with your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent until the revocation.

3.3 Right to object to the collection of data in special cases; right to object to direct advertising (Art. 21 GDPR)

In the event that data are processed on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. e or f GDPR, you have the right to at any time object to the processing of your personal data based on grounds arising from your unique situation. This also applies to any profiling based on these provisions. To determine the legal basis, on which any processing of data is based, please consult this Data Protection Declaration. If you log an objection, we will no longer process your affected personal data, unless we are in a position to present compelling protection worthy grounds for the processing of your data, that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or if the purpose of the processing is the claiming, exercising or defence of legal entitlements (objection pursuant to Art. 21 Sect. 1 GDPR).

If your personal data is being processed in order to engage in direct advertising, you have the right to at any time object to the processing of your affected personal data for the purposes of such advertising. This also applies to profiling to the extent that it is affiliated with such direct advertising. If you object, your personal data will subsequently no longer be used for direct advertising purposes (objection pursuant to Art. 21 Sect. 2 GDPR).

3.4 Right to log a complaint with the competent supervisory agency

In the event of violations of the GDPR, data subjects are entitled to log a complaint with a supervisory agency, in particular in the member state where they usually maintain their domicile, place of work or at the place where the alleged violation occurred. The right to log a complaint is in effect regardless of any other administrative or court proceedings available as legal recourses.

3.5 Right to data portability

You have the right to demand that we hand over any data we automatically process on the basis of your consent or in order to fulfil a contract be handed over to you or a third party in a commonly used, machine readable format. If you should demand the direct transfer of the data to another controller, this will be done only if it is technically feasible.

3.6 Information about, blockage, rectification and eradication of data

Within the scope of the applicable statutory provisions, you have the right to at any time demand information about your archived personal data, their source and recipients as well as the purpose of the processing of your data. You may also have a right to have your data rectified, blocked or eradicated. If you have questions about this subject matter or any other questions about personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at the address provided in section “Information Required by Law.”

3.7 Right to demand processing restrictions

You have the right to demand the imposition of restrictions as far as the processing of your personal data is concerned. To do so, you may contact us at any time at the address provided in section “Information Required by Law.” The right to demand restriction of processing applies in the following cases:
• In the event that you should dispute the correctness of your data archived by us, we will usually need some time to verify this claim. During the time that this investigation is ongoing, you have the right to demand that we restrict the processing of your personal data.
• If the processing of your personal data was/is conducted in an unlawful manner, you have the option to demand the restriction of the processing of your data in lieu of demanding the eradication of this data.
• If we do not need your personal data any longer and you need it to exercise, defend or claim legal entitlements, you have the right to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data instead of its eradication.
• If you have raised an objection pursuant to Art. 21 Sect. 1 GDPR, your rights and our rights will have to be weighed against each other. As long as it has not been determined whose interests prevail, you have the right to demand a restriction of the processing of your personal data.
If you have restricted the processing of your personal data, these data – with the exception of their archiving – may be processed only subject to your consent or to claim, exercise or defend legal entitlements or to protect the rights of other natural persons or legal entities or for important public interest reasons cited by the European Union or a member state of the EU.

3.8 SSL and/or TLS encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content, such as purchase orders or inquiries you submit to us as the website operator, this website uses either an SSL or a TLS encryption programme. You can recognise an encrypted connection by checking whether the address line of the browser switches from “http://” to “https://” and also by the appearance of the lock icon in the browser line.
If the SSL or TLS encryption is activated, data you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.

4. Recording of data on our website

4.1 Data processed by accessing the App

When accessing our app through your device, we process the following data:
• Date and time of access
• Duration of use
• Type of mobile device / terminal version
• used operating system
• used app version
• Functions that you use
• System crashes and similar events
• User authentication token
• IP address
We are interested in making it possible to use our app and to ensure its technical functionality on a permanent basis. When calling our app, this data will be processed automatically. Without this provision of data you can not use our services. We do not use this data for the purpose of drawing any conclusions about you or your identity.
In addition, we use this data to optimize the performance of the app, to ensure the availability of our app and to improve the user experience.
We process your data based on our legitimate interest in the data We process this data on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR for the provision of the service, to ensure the technical operation and for the purpose of identifying and eliminating malfunctions. Further, our legitimate interest lies in ensuring the performance and availability of our offer.

4.2 Cookies

In some instances, our website and its pages use so-called cookies. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain viruses. The purpose of cookies is to make our website more user friendly, effective and more secure. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and stored by your browser.
Most of the cookies we use are so-called “session cookies.” They are automatically deleted after your leave our site. Other cookies will remain archived on your device until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recognise your browser the next time you visit our website.
You can adjust the settings of your browser to make sure that you are notified every time cookies are placed and to enable you to accept cookies only in specific cases or to exclude the acceptance of cookies for specific situations or in general and to activate the automatic deletion of cookies when you close your browser. If you deactivate cookies, the functions of this website may be limited.
Cookies that are required for the performance of the electronic communications transaction or to provide certain functions you want to use (e.g. the shopping cart function), are stored on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in storing cookies to ensure the technically error free and optimised provision of the operator’s services. If other cookies (e.g. cookies for the analysis of your browsing patterns) should be stored, they are addressed separately in this Data Protection Declaration.

4.3 Processing of data (customer and contract data)

We collect, process and use personal data only insofar as they are necessary for the establishment, content or modification of the legal relationship (inventory data). This is done on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR, which allows the processing of data to fulfill a contract or pre-contractual measures. We collect, process and use personal data on the use of our website (usage data) only insofar as this is necessary in order to enable or bill the user for the use of the service.
The collected customer data will be deleted after completion of the order or termination of the business relationship. Legal retention periods remain unaffected.

4.4 Data transfer upon closing of contracts for services and digital content

We share personal data with third parties only if this is necessary in conjunction with the handling of the contract; for instance, with the financial institution tasked with the processing of payments.
Any further transfer of data shall not occur or shall only occur if you have expressly consented to the transfer. Any sharing of your data with third parties in the absence of your express consent, for instance for advertising purposes, shall not occur.
The basis for the processing of data is Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR, which permits the processing of data for the fulfilment of a contract or for pre-contractual actions.

4.5 Registration of a member account

For the full use of all functions within our application, we process the following data as part of the registration or profiling:

Mandatory data at registration

When registering to create a profile, the following mandatory information is requested:
• Title
• First given name
• Surname
• Date of birth
• Company
• City
• Postal Code
• Address
• E-mail address
• Phone number
As well as information about your vehicle
• Vehicle Identification Number
• Vehicle type
• Year of construction
Without the specification of this mandatory data registration is not possible. We process these data on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR for the implementation of pre-contractual measures and later for the execution of the contractual relationship.
For important changes, such as the scope of the offer or for technical changes, we use the e-mail address provided during registration to inform you in this way.
The data collected during registration will be stored by us as long as you maintain your membership account. Legal retention periods remain unaffected.

Data you can provide voluntarily

As part of your registration and any time thereafter, you also have the opportunity to provide further information on a voluntary basis, such as:
• Profile pic
• Cover photo
Please note that this information is not required for using the app and you alone decide whether you want to provide us with this data. You also have the opportunity to change the data at any time. If you do not provide this information, we may not be able to meet your needs when using our services. We process the collected data on the basis of Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) and f) GDPR in order to create you with your profile and to identify you later with each login.

Verification of your member account

BORN IN FLACHT is a community for the owners of GT sports cars. For a prospective customer there is the possibility to be verified by the transmission of the VIN of his vehicle. Verified users have access to special and rich features of the app.
During the verification process, it is checked whether the transmitted VIN is a GT model. The VIN number is stored in the user’s profile, but not published. The verification is voluntary. However, if you do not do this, not all features of the app will be fully available to you. The data is processed on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR, in order to provide you with the requested services in this context and to carry out the associated contractual relationship with you.

4.6 Use of the individual functions

The functions within the app as well as the respective processed personal data, purposes and legal bases are described below.
Use of the function notifications
Push notifications
You can receive information about new content and friend requests via push notifications. You will receive push notifications on the basis of your consent under Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a GDPR. You can revoke the receipt of push notifications at any time, therefore you find a deactivate button in the app. If the button temporarily does not work, you can turn off notifications in the settings for the app permissions of your device, please refer to the user guide of your device.

Community Features
So that like-minded people from all over the world can network with you, details from your personal profile and activities are a good basis. After successful registration, your profile will be available for interaction with other verified users.
a. profile page
The following data will be displayed on the profile page if they have been entered in the profile: – Profile and background image
• Profi Picture
• Background Picture
• First Name
• Name
• Information about your verified vehicle

b. Events
We offer you exclusive events. As soon as you as a verified user express your interest on the detail page of the respective event, the following data will be displayed in the event area:
• Profile Picture
• First Name
• Name
We process these data on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a, b and f GDPR to make your profile in our app available to other users for networking.
Registering events by users
Users can also enter events themselves in the calendar. If you enter an event in the calendar, your public profile information will appear in this context as publisher of the event. When you enter an event, you consent to the publication of your public profile information. You can revoke your consent by deleting the event. If it is not possible to delete the event temporarily, please address your request to us.

c. Chat
The chat feature allows you to interact with other members. If you have activated the chat feature, other members can send you direct messages. You can deactivate the chat function at any time in the settings of the app.

d. Around Me
If you allow the app to access your location to view other members in the area and share your location with other members. For more information, see “Access Permissions”.

Data processing in the context of Community Features is processed on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a, b and f GDPR, in order to make your profile in our app available to other users for networking and to provide you with the services you require in this context and to carry out the associated contractual relationship with you.

4.7 Access Permissions

To provide our services through the App, we require the access rights listed below that allow us to access certain features of your device. Access to this data requires your explicit consent (opt-in). You can do this when the app prompts you. The processing of this data is therefore based on your consent (Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR).
a. Access to the camera
You can grant the app access to your device’s camera to load media into the app.
b. Access to the memory
You can grant the app access to your device’s memory to load media into the app.
c. Access to the microphone
You can give the app access to your device’s microphone, for example, to add engine sounds.
d. Access to contacts
You can grant the app access to your contacts to let your app search for and add members to the app.
e. Access to the location
The app tracks the current location when certain features are called, and in the background at regular intervals, for example, to show you other members in your region and to share your location with other members.
Revocation of access rights
You can revoke granted access rights at any time in the settings of your device. Depending on the operating system, you can find the rights management in the settings under Apps or Permissions. For details, refer to the operating instructions of your device or operating system.

5. Analysis tools

Fabric / Crashlytics
To better resolve technical issues related to our mobile apps, we use Fabric. It is an analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
Carshlyctics collects your app ID, issues encountered issues, and the device, wireless service provider, and operating system, potentially deleting personally identifiable or pseudonymous data after seven days. You can disable this service in your operating system (IOS / Android) settings by disabling the sending of usage data for the app.
The most important element of this solution for us is Crashlytics, which gives us detailed technical information about crashes and other errors of our app. Crashlytics collects data on app usage specifically related to system crashes and errors. It uses information about the device, the version of the app you have installed, and other information that can help troubleshoot errors. These relate primarily to the software and hardware of the user.
No personal data will be transmitted. Only real-time crash reports will be sent, with details of codes and device information designed to simplify maintenance and improve the resulting stability of the app. For more information, see the Crashlytics Privacy Policy: https://try.crashlytics.com/terms/privacy-policy.pdf
The legal basis for the use of Crashlytics is Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. We have a legitimate interest in a flawless deployment of the app.
You can deactivate this service directly in the settings (IOS – Settings> App> Disable usage data, Android directly in the app menu in the settings themselves).

6. Recipient of personal data

Disclosure to processors in the context of Art. 28 GDPR
Processors employed by us (Article 28 GDPR), in particular in the area of IT services and, for example, printing services that process their data in line with our instructions. Whenever we commission service providers to fulfill our tasks, we always observe the data protection regulations, in particular, they only pass on the conclusion of contracts for order processing.

Data processing to carry out a contractual relationship
If it is necessary to carry out the contract with you, for example, we will pass on your data to banks or shipping service providers.
Disclosure due to a legal obligation
If there is a legal or regulatory obligation, we will pass your data on to public bodies or institutions (authorities, for example in the context of criminal prosecution).
Other jobs, in so far as you have given us consent
If explicit consent is given, we will also pass your data on to other bodies. However, this will be within limits if there is a demonstrable consent from you.
Disclosure to obtain information
If we are in advance, e.g. In the case of purchase on account, we reserve the right to obtain identity and credit information from specialized service companies (credit reference agencies) to safeguard our legitimate interests.

7. Data processing in third countries

If a data transmission takes place in locations whose seat or place of data processing is not located in a Member State of the European Union or in another Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, we ensure before the transfer, except in the case of exceptionally permitted by law, to the recipient either an adequate level of data protection exists (eg through a European Commission adequacy decision, through appropriate safeguards such as self-certification of the EU-US Privacy Shield beneficiary or agreement of so-called EU standard contractual clauses with the beneficiary) or you give your consent to the transfer of data.

8. Storage duration, deletion

We only store your personal data for as long as this is necessary for the fulfillment of the intended purpose or – in the case of consent – as long as you have not revoked your consent. In the event of an objection to the processing, we will delete your personal data, unless their further processing is permitted in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. We also delete your personal data if we are obliged to do so for other legal reasons.
Applying these general principles, we will generally erase your personal information without undue delay – after elimination of the legal and unless otherwise provided for by law (such as commercial and fiscal retention periods). If the latter is true, we will delete the data after elimination of the other legal basis. – if they are no longer necessary for the purposes we have set for the preparation and execution of a contract or legitimate interests and no other legal basis (such as commercial and tax retention periods) intervenes. If the latter is true, we will delete the data after elimination of the other legal basis. – if the purpose of the acquisition pursued by us ceases and no other legal basis (for example, commercial and tax retention periods) intervenes. If the latter is true, we will delete the data after elimination of the other legal basis.

9. Links to offers from third parties

Websites as well as services of other providers, to which our application is linked, were and are designed and provided by third parties. We have no influence on the design, content and function of these third party services. We expressly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked offers of third parties. Please note that the third-party offers linked by our application may install cookies on your device or collect personal data. We have no influence on this. If necessary, please inform yourself directly to the providers of these linked third-party offers.

Source: René Staud